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Cory chase Biography

Cory Chase is a blonde cougar from the United States. She was born in Florida on September 26, 1979. She is 167 centimeters tall and weighs around 49 kilograms. She’s 37 years old, and you can’t spell MILF without Cory Chase. She is the cougar of your dreams. Her big 36DD peaches are great for sucking, and she loves when big-dicked guys suck on her hard nipples, it makes her extremely wet. Cory has a relatively small ass, but she loves when her colleagues penetrate her tight asshole from time to time. The way she moans while getting fucked hard tells you she knows what she wants. Her honey lips a perfect for sucking dick, and she knows it. That is why sucking dick is her main skill and main weapon of seduction. This cock-hungry nympho has a lot her material available on the Internet, and there are countless men praising her skills and talent. Some of them are even surprised she did not venture over to the Dark Side. One of her main assets are her legs; Cory never skips the leg day at the gym. When she squeezes her butt, a massive bulge of beautifully shaped muscles emerges.

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