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Jonny Sins is one of the most popular pornstars in the world. He’s known for working in tons of scenes for the most popular production houses, and also for being very masculine. He worked with almost any popular pornstar that you can think of and participated in each category of porn that comes to your mind. This stud had contracts with Hustler, Brazzers, Evil Angel and so many other. He loves a healthy way of life and staying in shape. He’s bold but women love how manly and confident he is. Also, the man has a huge shaft that many of his colleges reported being an absolute pleasure. Many of the female pornstars gave a lot of statements on how sexy and professional is. The man won many awards from the beginning of his career in 2006 and continues to shock the world with his performances with the sexiest women on Earth.

Height: 184 cm, Weight: 81 kg, Born: 11/30/1979, Birthplace: Pennsylvania, United States.

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